and microscopic 


                          there are no things but those that i left where i loved and tomorrow 

                                                                              fascinated but dumb we'll be here 


some words that i like are sung and i wake with a roundness of blood 

i am

      all that i am all that i am not 

                                                             does it look like it does or does it seem like it should.

some words. 

lychees and questions / stones in my heel/ a tuesday like a squid

                       and I make a little venom in a navy satin satin stain. 

climb in.

i want you i think i want you.


                                                                                       can't speak the words i am 

                                                                                                                                         a thorn in my side.


there are no good adjectives to describe how this feels. some humour. do you think the ends justify the means absolutely no not at all i think the means justify the ends. yes.

i am stubborn. 

it's a situation best left alone i have too much going on in my heart and in my head but we liked your house like small children don't ask me I blame the wine. i am the butter. 

dissipation renders the rest a small strange ache. 

you talked about sounds and i thought about words. i guarded my face and you took off your shoes and your socks. you took off your clothes and you slept. i thought about you will you have me in your


                                                                                       i am no longer candid 

               nor the man who remembered everything 


i am

for you somewhere. 



and my skin slowly smiling loved this dumbshow